Improved patient outcomes

We are bringing lab scientists and clinical researchers together to develop new, improved therapies for patients through our innovative Multi-Disciplinary Research Groups model.

We are developing new cancer therapies to improve treatment options available to patients. We have particular strengths in molecularly-targeted ‘biological therapies’ which exploit the differences between cancer cells and normal cells such as:

  • Small-molecule drugs which target abnormal cell-signalling processes within the cancer cell
  • Immunotherapies which harness the power of the immune system to destroy cancer cells
  • Engineered ‘oncolytic’ or ‘cancer-busting’ viruses. 

We have already proven our ability to improve access for patients in Wales to the latest developments from laboratories in Wales and elsewhere via clinical trials in NHS Wales’ hospitals. You can find out more about the success of our TaCTiCC trial and forthcoming trial of our innovative anti-Bcl3 drug on our website.  

We are determined to increase the availability of clinical trials offering the latest experimental treatments to patients. These are particularly useful for those who have run out of ‘standard’ treatment options. We work closely with academic and commercial sponsors, trials units and clinical research facilities in Cardiff and Swansea to increase the quality, quantity and variety of trials available to patients. Conducting these types of trial helps us identify where treatments can be improved and guide where our laboratory work should focus. Our main strengths lie in: 

  • Treatments that combine drugs and radiotherapy 
  • New ways of delivering drugs to cancer cells 
  • Studies of personalised treatments, including those using a patient’s own immune system to tackle cancer 
  • New cellular therapies conducted in association with the Wales/Midlands Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre (WM-ATTC). 

Research leads

Dr Rob Jones

Dr Steve Knapper

Dr Alan Parker

Dr Sarah Gwynne