Public and patient involvement

Our vision for PPI is to deliver: ‘An active partnership¬†between the public, researchers and others, to develop cancer research in Wales to improve their health and wellbeing’.

Over our first four years of operation, nine research partners developed an innovative framework which has helped to implement and embed a supportive culture that embeds patients and the public across the centre.

COVID-19 has made us re-examine what we can achieve under the changing situation and its effect on research, and long term planning has become very difficult.  Shorter term projects which we will tackle in the meantime include:

  • Increasing diversity in our research partners, both from a geographical perspective and from a variety of background and experiences.
  • Promoting the use of the UK Public Involvement Standards throughout the centre
  • Looking at ways we can record and measure the impact of PPI in research
  • Shortening the process by which PPI can be recruited to take part in research projects and encouraging use of the Enabling Involvement Fund run by Health and Care Research Wales

How to get involved with PPI for patients and researchers.

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