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Who we are

We are the Wales Cancer Research Centre, based at Cardiff University and funded by Health and Care Research Wales. We work collaboratively to support cancer research across Wales.

Our vision

For Wales to have a well-connected, high-performing research community that delivers world-leading research, impacting cancer rates and patient outcomes across the world.

Our mission

  • To create a clear focus and reputation for excellence in areas of cancer research strength in Wales
  • To attract investment that will expand research activity and capacity
  • To maximise research opportunities for Welsh cancer patients

Our aims

  • To engage with the wider cancer research community with Wales’ cancer research strategy (CReSt) and coordinate delivery
  • To identify and nurture future Welsh cancer research leaders
  • To stimulate investment into cancer research in Wales
  • To support high quality cancer research across the spectrum, including discovery, clinical and population research
  • To work in synergy with other parts of Welsh and UK infrastructure
  • To ensure that patients across Wales benefit from our research

Read our Annual Stakeholder Report for an overview of our key achievements over the last year.