A new chapter for cancer
research in Wales

There is a crucial need to map the way forward for cancer research in Wales, which will
help address the burden of cancer within the nation’s population. 

Together with the Wales Cancer Network, NHS Wales and our partners across the
country, we aim to redefine the cancer research landscape and improve cancer care for
Welsh patients. 

CReSt will be launching soon

This is a time of great change
for researchers across Wales

Wales has long been home to excellent cancer research and innovation. The hard work and dedication of our scientists, clinicians and research partners have had a long-term impact, both at home and internationally.

Our goal is to coalesce these successes, unite those involved in cancer research in Wales and focus on research excellence across six priority cancer themes. This will pave the way for further trailblazing discoveries and trials, important collaborations with industry and academia, and more equitable access to research.

Above all, we will not lose sight of who we are working for: patients and the public in Wales and beyond. Their lives will be improved by increased access to cancer research and the fruits of that work – excellent treatment standards, more effective cures, and better overall public health.

People are at the very core of what we do, and we are dedicated to building a cancer research landscape in Wales that best serves their needs.

– Dr Mererid Evans, WCRC Director

Coming soon.