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Immunophenotyping capabilities expertise: new webpage guides researchers to available resources

Dr Ellie Rad, the Partnership and Business Development Manager at the Cardiff Joint Research Office, has undertaken an assessment of immunophenotyping capabilities within the research teams at Cardiff University and the Velindre Cancer Centre. Immunophenotyping involves the pairing of specific antibodies with fluorescent compounds to precisely measure the expression of proteins within a cell population. This expression data is critical in identifying and categorising the marked cells.

To showcase the expertise of these research teams, Ellie, with the support of colleagues from Cardiff University, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and the Life Sciences Hub has created a webpage to guide researchers to resources and connections that offer them access to substantial experience in various immunophenotyping techniques which aims to support them with their own work. Selected expertise on the website includes antibody, T Cells, virology/functional assays, complement and lipidomics.

The Cardiff Joint Research Office aims to work in partnership with The Systems Immunity Research Institute at Cardiff University, a hub of expertise dedicated to immunology and immunotherapy. The Institute focuses on key areas such as cancer, infectious diseases, immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, and their associated complications. Their overarching goal is to advance public health by pioneering novel diagnostics and treatments for diseases, while also playing an essential role in educating the public and nurturing the next generation of scientists.