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New roadmap unveiled to boost cancer research for patients across Wales

The first-ever coordinated Cancer Research Strategy for Wales (CReSt), which will bring together the whole research community in the fight against cancer, is published today.

Its delivery will be co-ordinated by the Wales Cancer Research Centre, which is funded by Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales. The strategy focuses on six priority research themes where there is already a track record of excellence in Wales that can be developed further to be internationally leading.

Professor Mererid Evans, Director of the Wales Cancer Research Centre, said:

“We can achieve so much by working together. Our goal is to unite those involved in cancer research in Wales so that we can deliver real progress. This will pave the way for further trailblazing studies and trials, important collaborations with industry and academia, and more equitable access to trials. Above all, we will not lose sight of who we are working for – patients and the public across Wales and beyond.”